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if you are a blues artist
you can

get your own game!
it's free.
make a donation using
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the instant blues project.
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instant blues is a

please email all your inquiries
to info@noisegames.com

instant blues is a non-commercial
project run by noisegames.com.
the purpose of this website is to promote
blues music, to have fun, and to provide a platform for blues musicians
around the world to showcase their music to a worldwide audience in a new
and playful way.

the idea for this project came out of the popular desktopblues soundgame.
more than 2 million people have already played the desktopblues game online,
and many blues artist have asked us to do a similar game for them.

with the instant blues project we are now able to offer a soundboard to
every blues artist who wants one.

we created a basic framework that can be filled with the content from the musicians.
to avoid time consuming animations for the game we decided to use pictures and
photographs instead to give each soundboard its identity.

most importantly this whole project is about playing and having fun.
people who play the soundboards get the chance to play with someone else's music.
it is a very creative game-play, where the user is creating something completely
new in the actual moment, we say this is the magic of music.

it is completely free for artists to get a soundgame on the instant blues website.
people who would like to support this project and help to cover the cost may
use the paypal donation button on the left side to support us.

connect with us on facebook.

christian buehlmann
rina vukmanovic
january 2012