info & contact
if you are a blues artist
you can

get your own game!
it's free.
make a donation using
paypal to support
the instant blues project.
thank you very much.
instant blues is a

all blues artists and blues bands welcome.
any style, any instruments.

first of all it is essential that you
have your own original blues music.

if you got that then you are half way there, and we will help you to do the rest.

in order to make a soundboard for you we will need the following:

max. 8 digital pictures (1-8)
can be photographs, drawings, etc.
max. 1 backing track sound (0-1)
this sound will be looped.
max. 24 additional sounds (12-24)
these sounds play one time when clicked.

please view and print this PDF file for all the details.
link opens in a new window.

you may email the pictures and the sounds to info@noisegames.com
if you want to send your files by post, contact us for the postal address.
do you need any more help or advive? please don't hesitate to write a mail to us.

sound recording tipps and tricks.
if you haven't got recording equipment you can just use your computer to
make the recordings. all you need is a microphone and a recording software.
most computers have a sound recorder preinstalled, mac users can use garage band.
the original desktopblues soundgame was recorded using audacity,
a free open source audio recorder and editor.

important notice:
by submitting your content to us you are allowing us to publish your pictures and
sounds on the instantblues.com website.
your soundboard will not be published on any other website.
the copyrights for all submited content stays of course with you the respective artist.
if for any reason you are not happy with your soundboard or you wish to remove your
game from this project you simply need to let us know via email and we will remove it
within a couple of working days.